Hi! Welcome to the Loukonen Bros. Stone blog. We’re back with an article on one of our most-loved products, our cut stone! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the cut stone we offer.

Our Cut Stone

As you likely know, Loukonen Bros. Stone sources it’s stone in Colorado and offers both Lyons Red sandstone and Colorado Buff sandstone. These two varieties of sandstone are the pinnacle of natural stone, as they’re durable, insanely gorgeous, and functional. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two types of cut stone we offer. 

Hydraulic Snap Cut Stone

If you’re looking for a more organic aesthetic with your natural Colorado sandstone, we recommend our snap cut stone. A snap cut stone is a stone that is cut via a hydraulic cutter that leaves a rough edge that has a natural appearance. We offer our snap cut stone in sizes anywhere from 2 inches to 120 inches and thickness from 1 inch to 15 inches. 

Snap cut stone is perfect for just about any application — from interior flooring to countertops to hearths and so much more, there’s hardly anything we can’t do with it. 

Saw Cut Stone

Opposed to the snap cut, saw cut stone offers a precise, straight edge as it’s made by using a stone saw. Naturally, this is the perfect option for those who want to incorporate natural stone in their home, business, or institution while maintaining a crisp, modern look. In terms of application, saw cut stone can be used in the same litany of ways that snap cut stone can. However, they do differ in thickness — we can offer saw cut stone with a thickness anywhere in the range of a half of an inch to eight inches.

If you’re interested in purchasing stone from Loukonen Bros. Stone, simply contact us today to get started.