Here at Loukonen Bros, we have been serving Colorado and the Front Range area since 1890, helping make your lawns and homes more of what you imagine it to be. We provide many types of rock that make your space more appealing and functional, but today we just wanted to talk a little more about flagstone, and why you should put it in your yard.

First of all, flagstone is a great material to use to make a patio, or even stepping stones because its thin, packed joints let water permeate instead of running off. Also the different shades and colors of the flagstone, ranging from red, brown and gray, give your backyard a natural and earth-like feel. Other types and colored stones can feel misplaced at times depending on where you live, but for Colorado and the Front Range, you cannot go wrong with flagstone.

Flagstone is also a fairly soft rock and easy to cut for a do it yourself project. Whether you want a very natural looking cut with more jagged cuts and edges that looks more like a random or irregular pattern, or a cut that looks clean and designed for the random rectangle pattern, flagstone will cooperate fairly easily.

Flagstone is also very easy to compliment throughout your yard. Pretty much any rock goes with flagstone. Want a clean look? Try some of our cut stone furniture. Want a more natural look? Check out our mossrock boulders or veneers. Plants also look nice and bright colors pop easily when complimented by flagstone.’

Check out our flagstone products and services if you want a versatile, affordable and stable rock as a part of your home.