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If you’re living in Colorado and are looking for natural stone to elevate your property and landscape, look no further than Loukonen Bros. Stone based out of Longmont. We’re proud to source incredible Colorado sandstone, cut it expertly, and then send it to our customers throughout the Front Range.

We offer a variety of stone products to ensure that any project can be improved with the help of some incredible natural sandstone. On this page, we will be covering the natural stone products we offer to our customers as well as some of the benefits of using natural stone for your landscaping and building projects.

Our Many Great Natural Stone Products

Gone are the days of searching “flagstone near me” or “landscaping stone near me” or anything along those lines. At Loukonen Bros. Stone, we have a selection that ensures you’ll find all of the natural stone products you need in one place. We highly recommend that you explore the links we’ve included above to browse the variety of different natural stone products we create. However, if you’re not finding what you need, that’s absolutely no problem.

The truth of the matter is that we’re the leading experts in natural stone in both Colorado and the rest of the country. We have access to some of the most incredible natural stone in the entire world at our quarries, and we don’t take that privilege for granted. We’ve spent countless amounts of time and money outfitting our operation with the technology it needs to provide our clients with any and every type of natural sandstone product they may need or want. And we’ve also spent generations honing our expertise, skillset, and understanding of what is possible with sandstone.

Why Go With Natural Stone?

There are so many reasons to choose natural stone for whatever project you’re working on, but there are a few reasons that should make a no-brainer when it’s time to choose. First and foremost, you’re living in Colorado, one of the most gorgeous places in the entire country. By using natural Colorado sandstone to complete your project, you get to create your building or landscape using materials that are local to your home.

Properties in Colorado that use sandstone compliment their surroundings and become a beautiful feature in the greater landscape they’re a part of. What’s more sandstone is an incredible building material for a number of reasons. For one, it’s long lasting and incredibly durable. Not only is it fireproof, but it doesn’t rot — or even deteriorate — like other building materials. Natural stone lasts for an incredibly long time, and it takes a massive amount of force to damage them.

In addition to being a hearty, long-lasting material, natural stone is also incredibly beautiful and unique in its appearance. People love sandstone and the Colorado landscape because of the rich, impressive colors they both offer. By using natural stone for your building and landscaping projects, you’re able to incorporate that unique natural beauty into your space.

We personally love natural stone because it also allows an unmatched amount of versatility in terms of what you can do with it. It’s varying sizes, shapes, colors, and applications provide endless possibilities. From patios to walls to landscaping accents and so much more, the only limiting factor with sandstone is imagination.

To top it all off, natural stone is easy to maintain! Because it’s a raw, natural material from the Earth, the most you’ll need to do to maintain it is wash it off. And that’s only if the rain hasn’t already washed it off for you! It’s also important to mention that because this natural stone is mined from our quarry and then cut to size, there is significantly less of an environmental impact than other building material production processes.

If you’re considering utilizing natural stone for your next construction or landscaping project, we hope you now see why the best way to go is using the incredible Colorado sandstone that’s in your backyard.

We encourage you to browse our project gallery to gain inspiration for your next project.

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