4 Landscaping Ideas that Rock!

It’s officially summer and that means your landscaping is in full bloom! From rose bushes and rock formations to aspens and pine trees, with the warm weather comes increased growth and beautiful coloring that brightens up your home or business. At Loukonen Bros, we have been providing the US and Canada with the sandstone our customers need to build and form their perfect landscape. Whether you are looking for flagstone or quarry boulders, as one of the oldest continuously operating sandstone quarries in the US, we’ve got you covered! Here are four of our favorite landscaping ideas that ROCK! If you are looking for more landscaping ideas, reach out to us today!

4 Landscaping Ideas that Rock!.png

Install a Patio

Wherever you live, a patio provides the perfect place to host parties, grill out on a warm summer’s night, or just sit and enjoy a nice bonfire while enjoying the sunset. If you do not yet have a patio or are looking to upgrade your patio, flagstone slabs are one of the best, natural-looking materials to build your patio with. Instead of concrete patios that lack detail and interest, and when compared with the durability of wood, flagstone holds up as one of the most durable and beautiful materials to build your patio out of. And, they don’t just make for great patios. They can be used for stairs, stepping stones, and even be used as edging for your garden or planter. However, if you are looking to improve your landscaping and create a functional space to amplify the natural beauty of your property, consider building a patio from flagstone! Reach out to us today to order the flagstone you need to get your project on the road.


Create Contrast With Tiers

Landscaping is all about creating interest and forming your property into something that is both beautiful and functional. One of the best ways to do this is to create tiers in your landscaping using wall rock sandstone. Harvested in the same general shape, but in different sizes, these stones are used around the world to create beautiful walls, tiers, and add detail to an otherwise flat landscape. Adding tiers to your landscape comes with many benefits—some visual and some functional. If you have ever been to a home or business with elevated gardens or planters supported by wall rock, you have experienced how much detail and interest these sandstone pieces can add to a property. Not only that, but adding tiers to your property can minimize erosion, improve water drainage, and even create seating areas for guests. All of these benefits protect your landscaping from water damage and, in some cases, can protect your home or business and its foundation from standing water. If you are looking for a unique addition to improve your landscaping and protect the mulch and plants that rely on the build quality of your irrigation, consider adding tiers to your property using wall rock sandstone this summer!


Redo Your Home or Wall Siding

The purpose of landscaping is not only to help the property surrounding your home to flourish, but it should also be something that’s utilized to improve the protection and appearance of your home or property itself! Whether you’ve got damaged siding or are just looking to upgrade the appearance of your home, ledgestone strips provide a beautiful and natural option to protect the side of your home, or just improve the look of a mailbox stand or garden wall. At Loukonen Bros, we harvest some of the highest-quality ledgestone strips in the nation and are able to ship them to you no matter what. So whether you are looking for siding for a commercial construction project or just a DIY siding replacement, check out ledgestone strips to bring a more natural look to your property.


Add New Features

Even if you aren’t planning on making any of the large or sweeping changes to your landscaping that are described above, if your landscaping is still needing a little improvement, you could consider adding little elements here and there. From flowering bushes to a clump of aspens, there are a lot of options to choose from that are not difficult to install! You could also consider adding a quarry boulder or two to spice up your landscaping. Planters and berms look great with well-groomed trees and flowering bushes, but never underestimate the value provided by a well-place quarry boulder. These unique rocks are never the same, providing your property with a visually appealing and unique addition to your landscaping. If your landscaping is in need of something more, consider adding a quarry boulder from Loukonen Bros!

This summer, it might be time to upgrade your landscaping! Whether you are considering building a new patio or adding some tiering to your property, Loukonen Bros has all of the sandstone products you need to bring a natural and interesting feel to your home or business. Whether you are a commercial builder or landscaper or a DIYer, you will find everything you need, including the expert advice to help you start your project on the right foot. For some of the finest sandstone collections in North America, check out the collection at Loukonen Bros! No matter if you are looking for flagstone or ledgestone strips, we’ve got your back! Check out our website and contact us today to start your order!