Ledgestone Strips

Ledgestone Strips

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Ledgestone is exactly what it sounds like, stacked stone that is used in strips or ledge-like designs. Ledgestone strips have been used in horizontal stone work design for hundreds of years and is recognized for its beauty and functionality. Patterns using ledgestone strips are typically stacked individually to create stunning patterns in both indoor and outdoor natural stone applications. Masons often use ledgestone strips to create exterior retaining walls or in building fireplace facades for both indoor and outdoor settings. The variety of colors and stone available, like flagstone and sandstone, make ledgestone features diverse in both their application and their beauty which is expected to last for decades and beyond.

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4″ Strips (Ledgestone)

  • Size: All strips are 4″ width, Random Lengths & Thickness
  • Thickness: (Bed Depth) Normal range 2″ to 6″ Thick, Jumpers – 7″ to 12″

    (less than 2″ or greater than 12″ are Special Order)

  • Coverage: Estimated to cover 35 to 40 sqft per ton
  • Uses: Random Ashlar Veneer Walls, Landscaping Edging & Risers for stairs
  • Color Range: Lyons Red – Will range from reds, pink, salmon and orangesColorado Buff – will range Grays, tans, brown

    Lykins -Will range Pinks, whites with veining

    Sorted Colors

    Lyons Red Naturals -Reds, Oranges, Golds some Black

    Lyons Red Bacon – Red, Orange, White, Pink Veining

    Colorado Buff Naturals – Browns, Tans, Golds, Black

    Lykins Naturals – Pinks, Burgundies, Blacks, Orange

2″ Strips

  • Size: All strips are 2″ width, Random Lengths &Thickness
  • Thickness: (Bed Depth) Normal range 2″ to 6
  • Coverage: Estimated coverage 70 to 80 sqft per ton.
  • Uses: In place of the 4″ strip when there is a weight concern
  • Color Range: Same as the 4″ Strips