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4 Ways To Use Stone in Your Yard This Spring

When spring arrives each year, your thoughts likely turn to planting a garden or doing yard work to get your property ready for the year. At Loukonen Bros. Stone in Longmont, we love helping people find the perfect stone for their yards. Whether you want to add rocks to your landscaping or place a flagstone walkway from the back door to your fire pit, we can provide the ideal options for Northern Colorado stonework. In this post, we’ll look at four ways you can use stone in your yard this spring!

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Stone Furniture

Stone furniture can look right at home in any Colorado backyard. If you’re thinking of adding stone seating to your yard or patio, we can help you source the right slabs for any project. Whether you’re building the furniture yourself or working with a local craftsman, we can supply stone for benches, tables, and much more!

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Moss Veneer Boulders & Landscaping Rocks

Boulders and rocks can be great statement pieces in both your front yard and backyard. Perhaps you’re planning to do some xeriscaping this spring and want to add a few large stones — if so, we can help. We carry moss veneer boulders and landscaping rocks that can be placed in any spot on your property.

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Wall Rock

If you want to add a retaining wall or landscape feature to your yard this spring, then wall rock is the way to go. Natural stone and uncut rock can be the best options for walls, pathways, water features, and more. We can show you various options for your property and help you choose the right stone.

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Flagstone Walkways

Flagstone walkways can be a great addition to your yard, whether in the front or back of your home. We offer a variety of flagstone and stepping stones, making it easy to find options for walkways, patios, garden features, and more.


As you begin working in your yard this spring, consider how you could add quality-sourced stone to your property. At Loukonen Bros. Stone, we’re here to help you find the right stone and rock for any project. Contact us today to learn more!

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