How Our Cut Stone Process Works

How Our Cut Stone Process Works

Loukonen Bros Stone Company is one of the oldest operating sandstone quarries in the continental United States. Our experience spans 130 years, and four generations of Loukonens. Our experience gives us the leg up on competitors. We offer a wide range of stone products from ledgestone strips to quarry boulders. With a variety of sizes available, you can obtain the proper stone for any project you may be tackling. However, getting the right piece of stone is an intricate process that requires experience and a solid procedure. Continue reading to find out how our cut stone process works.


We Pull From Our Colorado Quarries

The first step of our cut stone process is to extract stone from our quarries. When we extra stone from our quarries, we can pull enormous amounts of sandstone that we then turn into the products you are looking for. After this happens, we can transport a load of stone to our processing facility, where we turn big blocks of stone into a sellable product.


We Process the Large Rocks

Once our stones arrive at the processing facility, we can process the large rocks from our quarries. Processing the large blocks of stone looks like getting them down into rock slabs so we can better work with the rock. After we process the stone that we brought back, it is time to get to work on transforming those slabs.


We Cut the Slabs

When we get to this third step, we can finally cut the sandstone slabs to the perfect size. Our finishes after these cuts go from the natural cleft to polish, allowing the customer to choose the exact look and feel that they want. Our different finishes give you the freedom to get your stone precisely the way you want it, instead of having to settle.


The Slabs Can Then Be Used

Once these three steps are completed, the slabs are ready to be used for your project. Whether it be redesigning your backyard or purchasing stone for your business, you can purchase beautiful cut stone from the Loukonen Bros. Our premium cut stone is perfect for landscaping stones, pavers, and more!

Are you looking for a reliable cut stone manufacturer that gives you high-quality products every time? The Loukonen Bros are here to help you, and with our delivery services, you cannot go wrong! Contact us today to learn about our process and to place your first order.