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How To Create A Flagstone Porch Or Walkway

When you’re creating a new paved area for your home, you want to do your best to ensure that it looks great and lasts a long time. At Loukonen Bros Stone, we’re committed to helping our customers like you create beautiful flagstone walkways and porches with stones direct from our quarry! Continue reading to learn how to create a sturdy, high-quality flagstone porch or flagstone walkway.

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Choose Your Color

Flagstone is a versatile stone that comes in many shapes and sizes, as well as in many different colors! The color scheme of your porch or walkway will help to set the tone for the space it is in and the spaces it’s connected to. Flagstone comes in a range of shades from red to buff, so picking the color, or multiple colors of the stone you’ll use will help provide design inspiration.

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Choose Your Patterns

Are you looking for a more random, patchwork kind of pattern or are you interested in a more uniform look that’s reminiscent of tiles? The pattern you want to use for your walkway or patio can dramatically change the look and feel of your outdoor area from natural or wild-looking to neat and methodical.

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Plan Your Layout

Before you start laying your flagstone in the substrate that will keep your stone pieces in place, it’s important to play your layout carefully, first. If you think in a more visual way, you might want to try drawing your plan out on paper. Otherwise, decide how you’re going to lay out your pieces before you install them to save yourself time and effort with readjusting or relaying your stone.

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Shop For Flagstones Today

Of course, you need the stone in order to create a walkway or path! Once you’ve decided on color, patterns, and layout, you’ll need high-quality materials to use. Shopping for your flagstones with Loukonen Bros is your top choice for beautiful, locally sourced stone and materials!

Find everything you need to get started on your next flagstone project at Loukonen Bros Stone in Northern Colorado!

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