Our Landscaping Tips Using New Stonework

Colorado landscaping with natural stone is a timeless and elegant way to add beauty and functionality to any outdoor living space. From creating pathways and retaining walls to accenting gardens and water features, the possibilities are endless. Loukonen Bros Stone Company, and our expertise in sandstone quarrying, has given us the chance to help masons and homeowners course the best Colorado sandstone and other materials for their projects.

If you’re planning on adding some new landscaping stones to your property, our Longmont quarry can help you make the best design choices! Follow our tips below for using new stonework in your residential or commercial landscaping projects and contact us directly to order your materials.


Plan Ahead

Before starting any landscape stone project, it’s important to plan. Consider the purpose of the space and how it will be used. Are you interested in creating a walkway, retaining wall, or accent feature? Our Loukonen Brothers team recommends thinking about the style and feel you want to achieve. Do you prefer a more formal or natural look? This will help determine the type of stone, color, and pattern that will best suit your needs.


Choose the Right Stone

The type of landscaping stone you choose will play a big role in the overall look and feel of your residential or commercial project. Our Loukonen Bros quarry offers a variety of options — including Colorado sandstone, ledgestone, cut stone, wall rock, and other materials — that our clients can choose from. Lyons red sandstone, for example, is a popular choice for its rich, warm color and durability. Colorado buff sandstone is another option that offers a lighter, more neutral tone. No matter the landscape rock, it’s important to choose a stone that complements your home or building.


Consider the Size and Shape

When choosing landscaping stones from Loukonen Bros, consider the size and shape. Larger stones are great for retaining walls and accent features while smaller stones work well for pathways and borders. Round or irregularly shaped stones can create a more natural look while square or rectangular stones offer a more formal feel. You can mix and match sizes and shapes to add interest and texture to your design, but it’s important to have a design idea before ordering your Colorado sandstone.


Prepare the Area

Preparing the project site or landscaping area before laying any new stonework is essential for a successful project. Remove any existing vegetation and debris that can get in the way, and level the area if needed. Consider adding a layer of compacted base material and sand to your pathways or patios to ensure a stable surface. But if you’re using Colorado standalone for retaining walls or raised garden beds, consider creating a stable base with compacted gravel or crushed stone.


Lay the Stone

Laying the stone is the most exciting part of the project. Start with the largest stones first and work your way down to the smaller ones; use a level to ensure each stone is flat and stable. During this process, you can also create a pattern or design that complements the surrounding landscape. Especially for retaining walls, make sure to create a sturdy structure that can withstand the weight of the soil and plants.


Add Finishing Touches

Once your landscaping stones are in the right place, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Fill in the gaps between the stones with sand or gravel to make the whole structure more stable and to make everything look more visually complete. Adding plants, flowers, and other landscaping greenery can also soften the edges and add color and texture to the space. Consider adding lighting to highlight the stonework at night as well.


Maintain the Space

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your Loukonen Brothers stonework looking its best. Sweep or hose down pathways and patios regularly to remove debris and prevent moss or algae from growing. For retaining walls, check for any signs of shifting or settling and make repairs as needed. Adding fresh mulch to garden beds can also prevent weeds and retain moisture.

Source Your Landscaping Stone From Loukonen Brothers

With the help of Loukonen Bros Stone Company and our quarry’s variety of landscape stones, we can help you create a custom design that complements your home and surrounding landscape. Let us help you add new stonework to your landscaping — order your own Colorado sandstone or similar material online now!

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