What Is The Right-Sized Boulder For My Project?

What Is The Right-Sized Boulder For My Project?

Are you looking for high-quality boulders for your next landscaping project? Located in Longmont, Loukonen Bros Stone has been providing high-quality stone for our residential, commercial, and municipal customers for more than 130 years. Read on to learn more about choosing the right-sized boulder for your project, and contact us today to place an order!


Planning Your Project

To determine what size boulders you need for your next landscaping project, you will want to start by drawing up detailed plans. Boulders can be used as a part of larger landscaping features like custom retaining walls, but they can also be great decorative elements on their own. How you plan to use them will determine what size boulders should get. There are so many ways to use boulders in landscaping projects that we wrote another blog about it to provide you with some fresh ideas!


Large Boulders

Large boulders bring a special type of natural majesty to any landscaping project. If you want to add some freestanding decorative fixtures to your property, large boulders are a great option. If you pick a boulder with a flat top, it can also double as a seating option, or you can put potted plants, statues, fountains, or other decorative elements on top of it. You can even find boulders large enough to obstruct the view of onlookers and provide areas of your property with additional privacy.


Small Boulders

Small boulders are the building blocks for custom retaining walls, and they can also be used to highlight a variety of other landscaping features. You can line your walkways with small boulders to help them stand out, use a line of small boulders to mark the perimeter of your property, or arrange them around a large boulder or other attractive fixture to draw attention to it. Of course, you will need a variety of both large and small boulders if you want to create a tranquil rock garden. For most landscaping projects, you will want to purchase a combination of both large and small boulders to closely replicate nature. You don’t often find one without the other in the great outdoors!


Explore Boulders And Slabs Now

At Loukonen Bros Stone, we carry a massive variety of quarry boulders in random sizes ranging from 50-6000 pounds. Our boulders are available in attractive red base colors ranging from pink to orange to terracotta, or gray base colors that range from light gray to tan, brown, and bronze. As one of the oldest continuously operating sandstone quarries in the United States, you can count on us to have the best selection of the most beautiful quarry boulders in Colorado. Visit us in Longmont to see our boulders for yourself, or contact us today to start your order!

Are you looking for beautiful, natural boulders for your landscaping project? Loukonen Bros Stone carries everything from quarry boulders to flagstone, cut stone, un-cut wall rock, and more. Visit our website to see all of our offerings, and contact us today!