When Should You Use Cut Stone vs Raw Stone?

Landscaping is easy to imagine, but it is a dense process to manifest. With all of the moving parts that go into a successful project, every detail needs to be considered. One of these considerations is the stone you will use. At Loukonen Bros. Stone in Northern Colorado, we help supply our community with unparalleled decorative stone. If you need help deciding if your project needs cut stone or raw stone, keep reading and we will help you out. Contact us to get started!

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What is Cut Stone?

Our sandstone quarries create the natural stone that we use for our decorative projects. The process of carving and milling the raw stone into manageable slabs is what creates this beautiful, natural look. These dimensional cuts make for great ledgestone strips to make your property inviting.

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What is Raw Stone?

Less refined than cut stone, raw stone does not require the same level of skill that cut stone does. Raw stone can come in a variety of shapes to create a textured look for your project. In some cases, raw rock is more affordable than cut stone, which benefits many budget-conscious homeowners and landscaping professionals.



For pathways, cut stone is a great choice. Cut stone is a sustainable, beautiful product that provides longevity to your project. The natural edges and patterns in these stones create a beautiful, everlasting look that won't fade away. Additionally, the dimensional cuts of a flagstone walkway are sure to offer an easy-to-maintain appeal.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an elegant way to divide land, creating a more organized and sustainable landscape. Boulders and slabs can be great for adding character to this landscaping project. The natural look of raw stone creates a rustic atmosphere which is perfect for certain gardens and outdoor spaces.

If you are interested in the benefits of either of these decorative stones, reach out to the Loukonen Bros team in Northern Colorado and we can help.

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