Despite the last few cold snaps, and that surprise snow at the end of April, spring is really settling in across the Front Range. Which means (hopefully) it’s time to get outside and get going on all that gardening work that has built up over the last few months! Rake the mulch, clear out those tenacious weeds, and prune your trees. While you’re at it, it’s time to finally get around to those garden and backyard renovations you’ve been talking about for years. With a bit of elbow grease and some time, you can have your very own garden oasis before summer has even settled in across Colorado!


Paths and Patios

One of the easiest ways to spruce up a garden area or a back yard is to give it definition. If you prefer an abundant garden, create pathways through your yard to break up the area without resorting to bulky garden beds. Or, if you want an outdoor oasis perfect for summers spent outside, create a patio area without building a huge wooden deck. Both of these projects can be done pretty simply with hand-cut flagstone from Loukonen Bros. Before you dive into your project, however, make sure you’re picking the right product for what you want to accomplish.


Flagstone or Pavers?

Pavers are generally made from concrete while flagstone is naturally occurring stone. The biggest difference between the two, in terms of gardening uses, is the aesthetic. Generally speaking, pavers some in a uniform shape and style because they are often made with a mold. Flagstone, on the other hand, is cut in quarries, so it will not only have a more varied shape (although it can also be cut down to be more uniform), flagstone will also give you a wider range of color variation. And, since flagstone is made from naturally occurring stone, you can be sure it will ensure the Colorado elements.
Get Colorado flagstone for your garden; call Loukonen Bros. today to get started!