Colorado is a great state, a truly magnificent place to live. Loukonen Bros is located right here in the heart of the state, so we get it. But here’s one you probably haven’t heard before: Colorado has more in common with Italy than you’d know.

Great Inspiration

We may lack the beachfront vistas, but both Italy and Colorado have mountains running through it. They create the most majestic vistas and lead to some pretty incredible outdoor recreation. The Alps and the Rockies have both inspired works of poetry, literature, paintings, and so much more artistic work.

Great Works

Artists like Albert Bierstadt painted the Rockies centuries ago, investing hours and hours into perfectly detailed oil paintings to capture their majesty. Likewise, Bierstadt (and many others) also painted the Italian Alps. So, why does all this happen? Centuries of artists writing, drawing, painting, or sculpting all because of some big rocks jutting out of the earth.

Well, that’s a silly question to ask. If you’ve spent any time in the Rocky Mountains (and you’re in Colorado, so we’re assuming you have), it’s easy to understand how the mountains inspire the artist in all of us.

Sourcing Supplies

As with Italy, our scenic vistas are the start of a lot of artistic inspiration. We also have plenty of materials that come naturally to supply artists. Wildflowers and other fauna can be turned to paint pigment, natural minerals can be used to tint art, and our local quarry can source excellent stone.

Italy has Carrara, you have Loukonen Bros. You’ve probably heard of Carrara marble for flooring, but that quarry is the same source of marble that Michelangelo used for his famous sculpture David.

You may not be able to sculpt the David from our stone, but you can still create art worthy of the Rocky Mountains. At Loukonen Bros, our stone is cut from our local rock quarry to produce the best quality natural stone. Call today to talk to a designer and add a Colorado sculptural element to your home or yard!