Follow us as we continue to supply Colorado and the rest of the nation with the highest-quality landscaping and paving stone available. 10/12/2013 – We have made great strides in the past month since the flood, a HUGE THANKS to our guys that have spent many hours of back breaking work to get us to here!! We appreciate all of the support from our friends, family, neighbors and customers, it makes this tough time a little easier to deal with for all of us. Absolutely NO THANKS to any government entity for they have shown that they truly could care less about small business in any way shape or form!! Our progress since 10/4/2013 has really added up, we have repaired our electrical main panels, repaired the truck scale, cleaned mud most of the yard cut stock and around pallets, Kenny has revived one of the forklifts (Good Job Kenny!!), we have all of the motors pulled from the cutters and two are ready to come back, we have towed all of the trucks in for repairs and have the UD back for water hauling and pressure washing water supply, all of our buildings have been cleaned of mud and stripped of wall coverings, we are drilling a new well since the river has dropped 15 feet and left our old well high and dry and have shipped some loads out to our great customers! We are in process of recovering our computers and records to try to reopen for bulk palletized sales and getting a temporary office operational. Keep checking, I will post when we are ready for Limited business.