1. The Best Uses for Sandstone

    If you’ve ever driven in the foothills along the Front Range, you’ve probably seen a quarry or two showing off the bright red stone Colorado is known for. When you get up close to Red Rocks Amphitheater’s characteristic red rocks, it becomes pretty easily apparent that the brilliantly colored stone is sandstone—a stone that is pretty much exactly what you expect: sand granules compressed i…Read More

  2. Tips for Building a Custom Stone Arch

    Consider these Tips to Create the Perfect Arch on Your Fireplace Arches are the quintessential element to any stone fireplace. The arch adds an element that can make or break the design of the fireplace, that is if it’s done correctly. If you’re considering constructing a stone arch for your fireplace, consider these tips: Choosing the Stones You Want to Implement Natural stone is usually the …Read More

  3. Flagstone Versus Pavers: Sprucing Up Your Garden

    Despite the last few cold snaps, and that surprise snow at the end of April, spring is really settling in across the Front Range. Which means (hopefully) it’s time to get outside and get going on all that gardening work that has built up over the last few months! Rake the mulch, clear out those tenacious weeds, and prune your trees. While you’re at it, it’s time to finally get around to thos…Read More

  4. Why Quarry Swimming is Dangerous

    On a hot summer day in Colorado, the cool blue water of a quiet quarry can feel like something out of yesteryear. The setting makes it easy to imagine Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn lounging on the sun-warmed stone nearby and enjoying an idyllic day. Unfortunately, no matter how refreshing and inviting a quarry pool looks, you should never swim there without permission. The multitude of “No Swimming…Read More

  5. Gardening Renovations: Paving Stones Versus a Deck

    As we enter into an unseasonably warm spring here in Colorado, many of you are, no doubt, already thinking about whether it’s time to begin this year’s gardening projects. It’s a fine line to balance: do you plant sooner and enjoy a longer growing season, especially for your vegetable garden, or do you wait another month or two until the last of the early spring frosts are done? We understan…Read More

  6. Why Flagstone Flakes

    Natural stone flooring is a beautiful way to make a statement with very little effort. The natural tones of the stone can liven up a room or add warmth to an otherwise bland outdoor seating area. Want a natural walkway through your garden without hours of work leveling and pouring concrete? Large flagstones are much easier to set and require less effort to maintain! However, because flagstones are…Read More

  7. What Gives Red Sandstone Its Distinctive Color?

    If you’ve ever visited (or even seen pictures) of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, there’s no way to miss the distinctive red rock that makes up many of Colorado’s landmarks. We even have an amphitheater and natural area called Red Rocks. To say we’re proud of our red stone is an understatement. But how does Colorado sandstone get that distinctive red? Centuries of Pressure Sandston…Read More

  8. Quarried Stone for Art

    Colorado is a great state, a truly magnificent place to live. Loukonen Bros is located right here in the heart of the state, so we get it. But here’s one you probably haven’t heard before: Colorado has more in common with Italy than you’d know. Great Inspiration We may lack the beachfront vistas, but both Italy and Colorado have mountains running through it. They create the most majestic vis…Read More

  9. Make Your Garden Rise Above The Rest

    Winter gardening As we approach winter, everything is going dormant in Colorado to prepare for the oncoming snow. The aspens have already turned, A-Basin has announced the 2016-2017 season opener, and mornings are already leaving cars frosted over. Pretty soon, everything in your garden will go dormant. Now that you won’t have nearly as much to do in your garden every day, what will you do with …Read More

  10. Designing Your Garden

    You may have heard about the many benefits of gardening! Many professionals claim that gardening can help keep you moving, assist with mental health, and strengthen your hands. If you’re considering adding a garden to your home, be sure to consider the following: Plan for the Growth Your little seedlings may be buried away in the dirt, but soon they will grow into full-sized plants. Be sure you …Read More