When you are designing your patio, you need to consider both the overall look as well as the functionality. We at Loukonen Bros. Stone want to give you a patio that can stand up to the Denver seasons and elements without any worry on your part. That’s why we are a top choice when it comes to redoing that patio!

You probably know that we provide patio slabs, landscaping stones, and other materials to transform your yard, but did you know that we also make stone furniture for your patio?

Why Choose Stone

Just like the patio slab beneath your feet, stone furniture can handle the elements. Whether it snows, rains, or hails, your stone furniture can be left alone to deal with the outdoors. This means no more bringing in cushions when the weather is unfavorable! Stone furniture can also add a unique look to your patio that your guests will be sure to notice.

Garden Furniture

Stone furniture is not just a great option for a patio; it’s a wonderful choice for a garden as well. If you enjoy spending time in your garden, a stone bench would accentuate the space and provide a perfect seat to admire the fruits of your labor. When you are gardening, the bench would make a great place to take a break without having to roam back inside for a seat.

If you are looking for a unique furniture piece to add to your backyard, be sure to call the professionals at Loukonen Bros. Stone. We are confident in our designs, and we are certain that we can create a unique piece that will fit your backyard as well as your style. Call today to learn more!