You may have heard about the many benefits of gardening! Many professionals claim that gardening can help keep you moving, assist with mental health, and strengthen your hands. If you’re considering adding a garden to your home, be sure to consider the following:

Plan for the Growth

Your little seedlings may be buried away in the dirt, but soon they will grow into full-sized plants. Be sure you know how big they will get! Know what sort of plant you are selecting, as well as the potential width and height. If the plants you select are wider than they are tall, make sure they are spread out evenly so they have space to grow. On the other hand, if your new plants are going to stretch skyward, be sure they won’t be creeping over your fence and into the neighbor’s yard.

Plan for the Care

Obviously, your plants are going to require more love and care after you plant them. Be sure that you can access all of your plants easily for maintenance, whether that be watering or pruning. This can be done by placing small walkways in between clusters of plants, or having one large pathway down the middle. When choosing a pathway, it may be wise to invest in a pathway made from paving stones. This way, you won’t have unsightly dirt to traipse through in order to care for your plants. Selecting stone over grass can also help you avoid excess mowing and accidentally damaging your garden!

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