As we enter into an unseasonably warm spring here in Colorado, many of you are, no doubt, already thinking about whether it’s time to begin this year’s gardening projects. It’s a fine line to balance: do you plant sooner and enjoy a longer growing season, especially for your vegetable garden, or do you wait another month or two until the last of the early spring frosts are done? We understand the desire to jump into your gardening projects with both feet, but one more vicious cold snap could have some seriously detrimental effect on how well your veggies grow. Practice patience, and use this opportunity to take care of that yard renovation or addition while you wait for the weather to be steadily warm enough for planting.


Sprucing Up Your Garden

So many of us love Denver because of how beautiful the summer weather is, which means spending as much time outdoors as possible. If you want to create a space outside to enjoy your garden, we imagine you’ve been weighing the options between installing a deck or going the simpler route and choosing paving stones. A deck has the benefit of offering a large flat surface for grill, table and chairs, and plenty of space to entertain. The downside is all the lush garden space you lose by installing a deck!


Paving Stones For a Natural Setting

Instead of a space-sucking deck, visit Loukonen Bros. in Denver and see our wide selection of paving stones. With purposeful and creative paving stone placement, you can create a sturdy spot for your grill and outdoor entertaining without overtaking your garden. We can cut paving stones to fit your space and needs, so you can more easily customize without taking up every square foot of room in your yard.


If you’re ready to install paving stones and spruce up your garden, call Loukonen Bros. today!