Mowing the lawn isn’t a chore most people call “fun,” so what if you didn’t have to do as much lawnmowing anymore? What if you could make your property beautiful, elegant, and low maintenance? Xeriscaping can do that. Colorado has always been an environmentally-conscientious place, so why not take it to the next level? Save money and water with xeriscaping. If you have ever considered xeriscaping your lawn, now might be the perfect time to do so on your Denver property.

What is Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a way of arranging your yard with stones, boulders, and other aesthetically pleasing rocks to reduce or eliminate your yard’s need for water. This allows you to save money on fertilizers and water, as well as reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your landscape. You may choose from a wide variety of stones to fit the look of your property.

Will Xeriscaping Take Away my Lawn?

You can choose to xeriscape as much or as little space as you would like! Some people in areas with very little rainfall choose to xeriscape their entire yard, while those in more green environments may choose a small corner of their lawn. Whatever would work best for your home is up to you!

Call Loukonen Bros. Stone

We at Loukonen Bros. would love to help you with your xeriscaping project! Call us today to learn about our stone offerings, like ledge stone, flagstone, and sandstone! We offer wall blocks, boulders, and other stones you can use to transform your landscape into something beautiful. Transform your Denver home with Loukonen Bros. Stone today!