Winter gardening

As we approach winter, everything is going dormant in Colorado to prepare for the oncoming snow. The aspens have already turned, A-Basin has announced the 2016-2017 season opener, and mornings are already leaving cars frosted over. Pretty soon, everything in your garden will go dormant. Now that you won’t have nearly as much to do in your garden every day, what will you do with that extra time and care?

Plan a garden renovation, of course!

Winter is the perfect time to map out those additions and alterations you’ve been meaning to make to your yard. If you’ve got a rise or two in your yard – and it’s Colorado, so odds are good – make use of natural Colorado stone to create visual interest and at some oomph to your yard.

Decorative Stones

Bringing decorative stones into your yard can be much more interesting than just plopping down a boulder or two and growing things around it. Adding a flagstone path through your garden will not only make it easier to reach those bushes at the back, but add a pop of red amidst all the green. Or, to make the most of the slope in your yard, Loukonen Bros. Stone has hand-cut wall rock perfect for creating ledges and retaining walls. The lack of uniformity means that vines and moss can grow up and in between the stones easily.  

This winter, don’t just sit and stare at the snow, wishing for more green. Use that downtime from gardening to your advantage! At Loukonen Bros. Stone, we provide hand-cut stone across the Front Range, from Fort Collins and Boulder down to Colorado Springs. Call today to talk to our stone experts about adding more variation and visual interest to your spring garden!