Landscaping can be expensive and sometimes tricky, but that’s why you can hire professionals to transform your space and turn your Denver property into a piece of art you can be proud of. No matter what your budget, Loukonen Bros. Stone is here to help and make the most out of your outdoor space. One suggestion that often goes overlooked is the addition of a large landscape stone or boulder.

Why choose a boulder?

Boulders create a focal point for your space. You can easily grow flowers around a large boulder that will naturally attract your eye and the eyes of your guests. These stones also do not need much care; you don’t need to water them when you leave town for a week!

Where can I use a boulder?

You can use boulders just about anywhere! If your entryway is boring, consider adding a boulder to both sides of the walkway. Is your front yard monotonous and dull? Add some low lighting and a boulder to create a beautiful nighttime scene for passerby. Put a boulder in the space between your lawn and your garden. This will alleviate the awkward transition from one area to the next!

Where can I buy a boulder?

You’ve come to the right place! Loukonen Bros. Stone is the perfect place to find the boulder or landscape stone you need for your yard. Call us today to learn about our selection as well as our installation process. All you need to do is find the ideal spot for your boulder and give us a call!