1. Cameron Peak Fire Destroys Loukonen Bros. Stone’s Masonville Quarry Buildings

    Natural Disaster Strikes Our Quarry Welcome back to the Loukonen Bros. Stone blog — sadly, we’re back with some unfortunate news about one of our quarries, but felt that we should share an update with our customers, partners, and readers.  As you likely know, the Cameron Peak wildfire, located  in Colorado, has been raging since early August, and as of this blog’s posting has grown to over…Read More

  2. Everything You Need To Know About Ledgestone

    Hello, and welcome back to the Loukonen Bros. Stone blog! Today, we’re going to offer some insight into one of the amazing stone products we offer — ledgestone. Our goal is that by the end of this blog, you know what ledgestone is and how you can use it for landscaping or in your home. Keep reading to learn more!  What Is Ledgestone? While you may not recognize its name, there’s almost no d…Read More

  3. The History of Sandstone Mining in Colorado

    Colorado’s Sandstone Have you ever been to the Colorado National Monument? Think of the red, imposing formations rising high into the air, beautifully carved by millennia underwater. Now, teleport yourself to the other side of the state at Red Rocks, can you imagine that iconic theater jutting out of the earth? One of these places is a national monument and the other is a concert hall, so what c…Read More

  4. The Top Myths About Natural Stone

    Natural stone is one of the most versatile building materials on the market for residential, industrial, and commercial design. It’s loved by homeowners, architects, and designers alike because every piece is unique and adds something different. It works great for exterior paving, driveways, countertops, indoor flooring, and much more. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most common…Read More

  5. Why Natural Stone Is A Great Choice For Your Home

    There are two types of homeowners out there: ones who simply want a place to live and ones who want a place to call “home.” What’s the difference? Someone who wants to call their place “home” is someone who’s always looking for ways to make their home stand out and express more of their personal design interests. However, even for people who are certain they want to make their house a …Read More

  6. Tips for Building a Custom Stone Arch

    Consider these Tips to Create the Perfect Arch on Your Fireplace Arches are the quintessential element to any stone fireplace. The arch adds an element that can make or break the design of the fireplace, that is if it’s done correctly. If you’re considering constructing a stone arch for your fireplace, consider these tips: Choosing the Stones You Want to Implement Natural stone is usually the …Read More

  7. Why Quarry Swimming is Dangerous

    On a hot summer day in Colorado, the cool blue water of a quiet quarry can feel like something out of yesteryear. The setting makes it easy to imagine Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn lounging on the sun-warmed stone nearby and enjoying an idyllic day. Unfortunately, no matter how refreshing and inviting a quarry pool looks, you should never swim there without permission. The multitude of “No Swimming…Read More

  8. Quarried Stone for Art

    Colorado is a great state, a truly magnificent place to live. Loukonen Bros is located right here in the heart of the state, so we get it. But here’s one you probably haven’t heard before: Colorado has more in common with Italy than you’d know. Great Inspiration We may lack the beachfront vistas, but both Italy and Colorado have mountains running through it. They create the most majestic vis…Read More