Consider these Tips to Create the Perfect Arch on Your Fireplace

Arches are the quintessential element to any stone fireplace. The arch adds an element that can make or break the design of the fireplace, that is if it’s done correctly. If you’re considering constructing a stone arch for your fireplace, consider these tips:

Choosing the Stones You Want to Implement

Natural stone is usually the go-to for stone fireplaces in that it ensures that authentic and old fashioned look. Flagstone tends to be a popular choice with its Earthy colors. That being said, it’s important to seek out stones that are somewhat symmetrical to each other. Uneven arches aren’t visually appealing.

Mapping Out the Arch on Paper

You can easily map out the size of your arch using the dimensions of your fireplace, a string, and a piece of posterboard. Find the center of your fireplace and use the string to measure from the bottom of the fireplace to the bottom of where you want the center stone to be. Tie a knot in the string at that spot. Repeat for where you want the top of the center stone to be. At this point, you’ll have two knots which you will use to diagram the arch on paper.

Using the string, secure the bottom to the table and stretch it to the piece of posterboard laying there. Use the location of the first knot to guide your pencil. If done correctly, you should form a semicircle. Repeat with the top string. By now, you should have your arch perfectly drawn out.

Matching Your Stones

Think of the arch of having two sides split evenly down the middle. Therefore, it’s important to match a stone on the left side to the stone on the same side of the right side. If using natural stone, you might have to do some cutting. Contact Loukonen Bros. for custom cut natural stone, including the popular choice of flagstone.