Are you ready to take your yard to the next level with a rock wall or terrace? Stone accents can really make your yard look great and be useful features to have at the same time. And if you want to have a yard that impresses everyone who comes near it, you’ll want to have some stonework. The great thing about stone is that there is a nearly endless amount of colors, textures, and shapes to choose from. In this blog, we’re going to give you some ideas for building a rock wall for your yard.

Make it useful

There’s a lot more to rock walls than looking nice; rock walls can also be very useful. Here are a couple ideas on how you can use your wall.

Terrace: Why not make your rock wall into a nice terrace? You can create a useful structure that holds soil in place while also matching with the rest of the stonework in your yard. Make sure to hire an expert on this one.

Partitioning: Maybe you just want a small structure to partition your yard. If you have a large yard and it’s feasible, create stone walls around your paver stone walkway rather than just leaving it open or installing wooden railings. This will have a cool effect and make your yard more enjoyable to be in.

Benches: Stone is great as a bench and can be used just about anywhere in your yard. Try building a circular stone wall around your fire pit and using it as a bench for sitting around the fire.


Mix it up

The trend in backyard rock walls seems to be having a lot of variety in the color and size of stone used, rather than keeping everything even and straight. Ledgestone strips, for example, look great in just about any yard and can be composed in a lot of different ways. Quarry stones are another way to mix things up and keep it interesting.


Conceal lights

If you’re a yard lover, you’re probably always looking for new ways to light up the lawn at night. Stone walls can be used to conceal your lights and get the perfect look for your favorite nighttime hangout spot!


Don’t overdo it

Stone walls are great, but only in moderation. If your yard is too divided up by stone walls it won’t look very good and could make it harder to navigate. If you have a good balance of stone walkways, walls, and stone accents, your yard will be more pleasing to the eye.


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