As one of the more popular and versatile building materials, flagstone remains a top choice for both professional landscapers and do-it-yourselfers alike. With its natural beauty, long-lasting dependability and useful flexibility, flagstone continues to rule the world of outdoor hardscape features. From patios, to fireplace and chimney liners; from fire pits to walkways – the uses for the attractive natural stone is unlimited.

The one drawback to flagstone, to many, is the prohibitive cost. Though lower-cost flagstone choices can be found, quality flagstone is worth every penny. Flagstone prices often vary widely even when quarried from the same source. The price of flagstone is influenced by the following:

  • The complications regarding its quarry. The more difficult the flagstone is to procure, the higher the price. Which is why flagstone from the same source can vary so greatly in cost; stone from easily accessed areas will generally cost less per square foot than that pulled from deeper areas.
  • The location of the quarry itself. Obviously, stone that requires shipment to other areas will invariably cost more than local stone. The blue flagstone mined in other areas of the nation will cost you more than the Colorado Red flagstone that is found throughout our state.
  • The processes by which the flagstone is cut. Factory cut edges allows for uniformity and takes much less time to install than irregular pieces. Because they need to be laid out much like a puzzle, the cost to install natural cut pieces will most likely be much more.

Quarried with just hammers, wedges and bars, our flagstone is always removed with care. We pride ourselves on not only the durable beauty of our natural stone but our timely delivery and unmatched customer care. Discover the Loukonen Bros. difference by attaining your natural stone building products today.