Natural stone flooring is a beautiful way to make a statement with very little effort. The natural tones of the stone can liven up a room or add warmth to an otherwise bland outdoor seating area. Want a natural walkway through your garden without hours of work leveling and pouring concrete? Large flagstones are much easier to set and require less effort to maintain! However, because flagstones are made from – you guessed it! – cut stone, they are subject to the vagaries of nature. Which means that, occasionally, flaking or peeling can naturally occur.


Natural Stone Means Natural Reactions

When it comes to flaking or peeling flagstone surfaces, we must first clarify something: flagstone is a bit of a sticky term. It does not, as many people expect, refer to a specific type of stone. Instead, a flagstone refers to the particular cut of the stone that is so commonly used for flooring, walkways, paths, and retaining walls. So, with that in mind, you can understand that the flaking or peeling of flagstone will vary based on the type of stone used to create your walkway, floor, or wall. However, as is the case with the stone at Loukonen Bros. in Colorado, most flagstone is made of sandstone.

Like any stone, nature will eventually take its toll. Wind, water, and even footfalls can wear away the surface of the flagstone until it chips, flakes, or peels away. The effect will depend largely on how the stone was compacted together, the striations inside, and how the flagstones were cut. The more exposure to harsh weather or wear the stones see, the more likely it is to flake or peel.


How To Stop It

Generally, depending on the type of stone used, the flaking or peeling can be prevented or minimized by various treatments available. The primary among these is sealing, which inhibits water absorption and helps ward off the majority of wear by bonding the stone more tightly together and denying entry into the porous stone. Whether you want to add a flagstone interior, a patio covering, or another use, your sandstone flagstone will need to be protected against the elements to help it withstand wear.

To get gorgeous Colorado flagstone for your home, for either inside or outside use, call Loukonen Bros. Our products are naturally mined from local quarries. Bring some Colorado to your home; call today to get started!