On a hot summer day in Colorado, the cool blue water of a quiet quarry can feel like something out of yesteryear. The setting makes it easy to imagine Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn lounging on the sun-warmed stone nearby and enjoying an idyllic day. Unfortunately, no matter how refreshing and inviting a quarry pool looks, you should never swim there without permission. The multitude of “No Swimming” signs are there for a very good reason; swimming in quarry pools is dangerous and potentially deadly.


Quarry Swimming Dangers

There are a collection of different reasons that, combined, make unauthorized quarry swimming more deadly than any other body of water. To begin with, the sediment, minerals, and possibly chemicals in the water generally make it murky and hard to see. This effectively hides bigger dangers like swift drop-offs and sharp debris or leftover tools.


Even more dangerous is the structure of the ground under the water. Remember, quarry pools were, at one point, active rock quarries that were mined for things like sandstone. In addition to the swift and usually sheer drop-offs, the sand along the ground can effectively hide holes that will collapse swiftly under the weight of a foot. All of this adds up to pose several layers of hazards that make swimming in quarry pools dangerous – and, because quarries are usually remote and hard to get to, it may take emergency services quite a while to get there. So, before you swim, ensure the area has been cleared by local authorities.


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