It’s finally summer here in Colorado and you know what that means, it’s time to start thinking about what yard projects you’re going to get done! Although temperatures this summer have been sweltering hot, they’re not going to get any better for a couple months. But preferably, you’ll want to do your yard work when it isn’t over 90 degrees out. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the top yard projects you can tackle this summer.

Bird Feeders

If you want to attract the graceful animals we call birds while keeping away rodents this summer, your best bet is to build a bird feeder. As they say, if you build it, they will come. Maybe that was referring to something else, but the rule still applies. Although you could simply buy a cheap bird feeder at the hardware store, why not make your own out of stone? Stone bird feeders can really spruce up a yard, especially if you already a lot of stonework around your house. Contact Loukonen Bros to learn about what stone would be best for this project.

Add Some Lighting

If you’re like us, you love to enjoy your backyard during the summer, especially at night when the temperature has cooled down and the crickets start chirping. Adding some extra lighting to your deck or patio may be just what you need to take your outdoor living to the next level. Adding lighting to your stairs is also a nice added safety feature for you and your guests.

Plant More!

There’s nothing like a backyard filled with beautiful plants and flowers and there’s no better time to take on this project than summer. If you look around Colorado, many homes look drab and dull because they have no life on their decks and patios! Simply adding a couple flower pots and planters is enough to liven up your whole yard.

Clean Up Brown Spots

Chances are, after a long winter, your lawn isn’t looking too good. It’s time to take a look at fixing up those brown spots in your lawn so that you can get back to having a lush green lawn for the rest of the summer. You might also need to increase the amount that you water your lawn so that it has the opportunity to rejuvenate.

Start A New Stonework Project

There are countless stonework projects out there that will enhance the curb appeal of your home and give you something to talk about to your neighbors and passersby. Maybe you’ve been wanting to create a stone path leading to your patio or maybe you’ve been wanting to add in some stone pillars. These are great ideas and there an endless amount of rock types to help you get the job done. Give Loukonen Bros a call today and we’ll consult with you about possible stone options for whatever project you’re currently working on. We sell ledgestone strips, flagstone, wall rock, quarry boulders, cut stone, and much more.